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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked / Answered Questions

for Liberty Elementary


What time does school begin/end?

The doors open at 7:20 am. Classrooms are open and morning work begins at 7:30 am. Students need to be settled in their classrooms no later than 8:00 am. Arriving after 8:00 am means that the student is tardy and needs to come to the office for a tardy slip. School lets out at 3:00 pm. Signing out before 3:00 pm counts as an early dismissal.

What time is lunch? 

Teacher Time In Time Out
King 10:30 10:58
Scott 10:34 11:02
Hotalen 10:38 11:06
Knight 10:42 11:10
Lovell 10:46 11:14
Shanks 10:50 11:18
Outz 10:54 11:22
McFarlin 10:58 11:26
Thigpen 11:50 12:18
Barnes 11:06 11:34
Arnold 11:10 11:38
Ford 11:14 11:42
Pearson 11:18 11:46
Chatman 11:22 11:50
Weimann 11:26 11:54
Smith 11:30 11:58
Wall 11:34 12:02
Martel 11:38 12:06
Lape/Simmons 11:42 12:10
Lunsford 11:44 12:12
Ward 11:46 12:14
Roberts 11:02 11:30
Doan 11:58 12:26
Thomason 12:02 12:30
LaHayne 12:06 12:34
S.Ivester 12:10 12:38
Cabe 12:14 12:42
Cawthon 12:18 12:46
B.Ivester 12:22 12:50
A.Ivester 12:26 12:54
Defoor 12:30 12:58
Duncan 12:34 1:02

What is the cost of lunch/breakfast?

- Breakfast is FREE for all students. Adult breakfast costs $2.00.

- Lunch is FREE for all students. Adult lunch costs $3.50.

How many absences can my child have? Why does it show that my child is TDY/LFT when s/he comes in late or leaves early?

According to state law, we must contact you when your child reaches his/her 5th and 8th absence. At 8 or more absences, you may be required to attend an Attendance Support Team meeting. A written note or doctor’s excuse should be sent regarding the reason your child was absent each time s/he is out of school.

Stephens County Schools requires that we mark both tardies and early dismissals for attendance. Your child is tardy if s/he arrives to the classroom after 8:00 am. Leaving before 3:00 pm, counts as an early dismissal. Each tardy or early dismissal counts as a half-day absence. Any two tardies or early dismissals are equal to a full day absence.

My child is a car rider. Where do I go drop off and pick up my child?

If you come to the front of the building in the morning, you will need to walk your child into the building. There is not an afternoon pick up line at the front of the building. All afternoon pick up traffic should be done in the back of the building.

If you choose to drop off / pick up in the back of the building, you may drop off your child between 7:20 am and 7:55 am when teachers come outside for duty and can monitor your child. Please, do not drop off your child after 7:55 am in the back parking lot. After 7:55 am, students should be walked in at the front. At the end of the day, you can drive through the pick-up line with your car rider number.

My child will be going home another way today. What should I do?

All arrangements that involve a change in a student’s usual afternoon transportation require written notification. Please send a note with your child the morning s/he is to ride home on a different bus, with a different person, etc. Any changes during the day need to be received as early in the day as possible to avoid mistakes in transportation.